The Cause is a spiritual growth journey.




The Cause is all about making a difference.
It’s about being a part of something larger than just one person. It’s doing something powerful together. The Cause is not just about a building or a place. The Cause is about people and their God.
In 1 Samuel 17, David asks the question, “Is there no cause?” He then answers it later in the chapter saying, “…that all the earth may know that there is a God…” (NKJV) The Cause is made up of generations of people with all sorts of backgrounds, but with a common future. The Cause is creative, flexible, passionate, energetic, and faith filled. The Cause is about relationships, authenticity, and connection. We are a family in this together. The Cause gives us reason to unify and sacrifice. The Cause will have an eternal effect. The Cause is Christ. The Cause starts at the cross. The Cause hopes for heaven. This is about you catching the vision of the Cause.





The Effect of The Cause is to connect more people with Christ.
We are passionate about The Cause because we are passionate about people. We want to do everything we can to reach people and share God’s love with people. The Cause will increase our ministry capacity and effectiveness. This will be done through a number of ways. The Cause will allow us to modernize the sanctuary, maximize the sanctuary seating capacity, complete the 11,900 sq. ft. second floor for additional ministry space, add a 5th and 6th grade chapel, ad purchase adjoining property for expansion. The Cause will help us create additional parking space, increase our communication reach for deployed families through worldwide internet streaming of LFA services, and develop a compassion-based ministry center.






God loves people
We have an opportunity to impact our community through compassion ministries
The gospel message from LFA can be sent to people around the world
We can make room for 600 more people every Sunday by remodeling our worship center
We want to be intentional about discipling our children and youth
Our worship center space should be modernized to match the ministry vision
There is an enormous online culture that needs to know Christ loves them
Marriages and families matter to God and to us